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Manroc Development Inc. - Tomorrow Begins with Safety Today

Specialists in Alimak Raising

Alimak raising has become the preferred method of developing escapeway ladders, ventilation shafts, manways, ore/waste passes, and slot raises in underground mines.

Manroc Developments Inc. is a world leader in Alimak Raising, recognized for yielding the highest safety standards in underground mining. The Alimak method yields high tonnage and low dilution results, while reducing mining costs.


How It Works

The Alimak method raises between levels in a safe and effective manner. Drilling, loading and blasting are all performed from the platform of the Raise Climber, which is adapted to fit the precise dimensions and shape of the raise. Furthermore, the Alimak Raise Climber implements a rack and pinion rail, designed to carry air and water for increased ventilation.


Our Commitment

Manroc Developments Inc. is committed to providing the safest techniques available, managing each project with great care and detail. Our full team of experienced Raise Miners, Supervisors and Managers, ensure your project is carried out meticulously, while meeting all budget and time constraints.

Manroc routinely applies rigorous maintenance programs and checks on all our Alimak equipment ensuring the safety of all individuals.


Contact Us

For more information on Manroc's Alimak raising services, please contact us. We can assist you with all your underground mining requirements.