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Manroc Development Inc. - Tomorrow Begins with Safety Today

Drilling in Raise

Drilling in Raise

A World Leader

Manroc Developments Inc. is a global provider of professional and innovative underground mining services. Recognized as a leader in Alimak LH narrow vein stope mining, Manroc has developed proven and effective techniques yielding high tonnage and low dilution results.

Manroc has worked with major mining firms around the world, and has built a solid reputation. We have worked on mining operations throughout Canada, the United States, Africa, Kazakhstan, South America and Central America, with an ever-growing clientele.

Committed to safety and excellence, Manroc is at the forefront of Alimak mining, generating safer and more productive methods. Review our range of underground mining services below.


Specialized Services

Professional Mine Engineering

Manroc Developments is a full service mine engineering company employing a highly qualified team of mining engineers and associates with extensive experience in underground mining. Our expertise covers all areas of development including the early stages of evaluation and feasibility, the intermediary planning stages of design and development, and the final stages of project development and production.

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Alimak Production Mining

A true innovation in underground mining, the Alimak method provides the highest safety standards in the industry, while increasing productivity, adding greater flexibility and maneuverability, and reducing overall mining costs.

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Alimak Raising

Alimak raising has become the preferred method of developing escapeway ladders, ventilation shafts, manways, ore/waste passes, and slot raises in underground mines. Our full team of experienced Raise Miners, Supervisors and Managers, ensure your project is carried out meticulously, while meeting all budget and time constraints.

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Lateral Development

Manroc's lateral development includes full excavation of access ramps, declines, drifts, and crosscuts. We are pleased to provide lateral mine development as a part of our comprehensive range of underground mining services.

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Conventional and Mechanized Production Mining

Manroc Developments Inc. is continuously looking for new ways to provide safer, more economical and automated production methods. Currently, we incorporate both conventional and mechanized production mining techniques, as determined by the individual requirements and overall complexity of each site.

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Narrow Vein Mining

Mining narrow ore bodies is vital to the international mining industry, and involves a high level of expertise surrounding geological issues. At Manroc, we have developed innovative solutions and highly specialized skills making us a leader in narrow vein exploitation.

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