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Manroc Development Inc. - Tomorrow Begins with Safety Today


The main objective in the shop is to make our miners job as safe, productive and easy as possible. Over the years working with almost every raise miner and longhole driller in Canada we have incorporated the best ideas into our Alimak system. Couple this with an uncompromising view of safety while rebuilding components and a rigorous maintenance schedule, it is safe to say we have the best Alimaks and the best Alimak mining system in the world.

We take pride in our work and continue to improve on all aspects of our operation including safety, production and cost effectiveness. Training is a key factor in our success. This ensures everyone is working together to improve the operation when possible.


Underground Heavy Equipment

We have a fully equipped rebuild shop which does component rebuilds including torque converters, transmissions, differentials, wheel ends, hydraulic cylinders, engines, as well as complete frame out refurbishing.


Fabrication and Machining

We are CWB certified and have competent & innovative fabricators. By fabricating our own components, we can ensure a safe and usable product that meets our demanding requirements. The machine shop is a major asset in research and development as well as cost and time savings.